Goto, Island of Love (1968) | Blu-ray/DVD release – Walerian Borowczyk’s allegorical comic tragedy

Goto Isle of Love (1

On a mythical island that has been cut off from civilisation by an earthquake, melancholic dictator Goto III (Pierre Brasseur) rules with a iron fist, but power-hungry petty thief Grozo (Guy Saint-Jean) hatches a devious plot to win the heart of Glossia (Ligia Branice), Goto’s beautiful wife. But Grozo’s plans go terribly wrong when he finally gets his hands on Glossia and the island…

Goto Isle of Love

This French allegorical comic tragedy from cult director Walerian Borowczyk was the Polish filmmaker’s first live-action feature. Featuring bizarre sets, a bonkers fetishtic sex and death scenario, and brilliant blarring deployment of one of Handel’s organ concertos, Goto, Isle of Love is an acutely conceived nightmare where power and lust festers, breeds and rules in absurdity. The film was also a thinly veiled attack on totalitarianism, which famously got it banned in Communist Poland and Fascist Spain (much the director’s delight), and is feminist author Angela Carter’s favourite film.

Goto, Isle of Love is presented by Arrow Films in a brand new 2k high-definition restoration from the original 35mm interpositive and includes the colour sequences that were often omitted from earlier releases. The release also includes the following element…
• Uncompressed mono 2.0 PCM Audio and optional English subtitles
• Introduction by artist and Turner Prize nominee Craigie Horsfield
The Concentration Universe: Making Goto, Isle of Love (2014), interview programme featuring actor Jean-Pierre Andréani, cameraman Noël Véry and camera assistant Jean-Pierre Platel
The Profligate Door: Borowczyk’s Sound Sculptures

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