Graham Norton has assured the BBC that he can be trusted not to create any scandals after replacing Jonathan Ross on radio and TV.

Graham took over from Jonathan on BBC Radio 2 and will soon start his new BBC One chat show on Friday nights.

Despite being known for his risque style of presenting, Graham said the BBC should ‘trust him’.

When asked if he might ever slip up on the radio, he replied: “There’s always a chance, it’s a live show. But I think that might be a slip of the tongue. A word might escape.

“The chances of accidentally phoning an old man – that’s quite a big slip.”

Speaking about the Andrew Sachs scandal involving Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross, Graham said: “The thing that annoyed me most about the whole Sachsgate thing was that the BBC didn’t defend itself more robustly. The BBC polices its content incredibly well.

Graham also said he felt ‘weird’ filling Jonathan’s shoes on both his old shows.

“I think once the TV show starts then people will write whatever they want to write about it and then it will be over. Once both shows are up and running then I can forget about it as well.”

The Graham Norton Show starts on Friday, 22 October at 10.35pm on BBC1.