Graham Norton is single again, just how he likes it

Graham Norton has reportedly split from his partner of two years, Trevor Patterson.

The 50-year-old presenter apparently told an Irish radio station he was single again, said the Daily Mirror.

When asked if he was in love, Graham said: “No, not at the moment.” When told somebody would be lucky to have him he responded: “If only now, if only now. Tweet me.”

Graham and Canadian software designer Trevor had been together for two years, but the star said he was enjoying life with just his dogs.

“I love living alone, which sounds so miserable, doesn’t it?” he said. “But it is one of my greatest joys. I have Bailey and Madge so I’m never truly alone.”

Former Father Ted actor Graham also talked about his mum Rhoda Walker’s fears when he came out: “It’s an alien choice and an alien form of community that my mother wouldn’t understand. But I think she’s got over that now. She sees that I’ve made my own family – a family of friends.”

But Graham, who split with partner of five years Kristian Seeber in 2006, said he found the idea of getting married too embarrassing.

He said: “I find the self-conscious thing of saying ‘I love you’ embarrassing… I’ve always lived as a single man, but there are definitely moments when I wish it was different.”


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