TV Times magazine asks Graham Norton about what currently excites, elates and annoys him on TV as he returns to BBC1 next Friday with The Graham Norton Show

What’s the one show you never miss?
“When it’s back I’ll be watching True Blood, because I love all the vampire stuff. The mighty Fiona Shaw is in it, too, playing a Latin-speaking witch, but I haven’t seen her in it yet.”

And what about favourite British shows?
“I also really enjoyed Scott and Bailey. I liked the dynamic between the women – they were flawed and interesting, but the show did the crime bit properly, too. Sometimes crime shows get the balance wrong and there’s too much about the flawed detective and inner turmoil and you think, no, I’d quite like to get some crime in there as well.”

Are you hooked on Downton Abbey like the rest of us?
“I loved the first series of Downton. I mean, loved it. I got depressed during the final episode, knowing it was going to end. But I watched the first episode of the second series and it was terrible.”

Are you a Strictly fan?
“I do watch Strictly and I’m looking forward to the new series. I think it’s a great line-up. I wonder what the nation will make of Nancy Dell’Olio. I also wonder what she hopes to get out of it. If I were her, I think I would live in Italy in a small cottage, because her encounters with the press so far have not gone well…”

Do you ever think about going back into acting?
“Not on TV. I just think once you go down the TV presenter route, it’s hard to ask an audience to accept you in anything else. They’ll think, ‘Why is Graham Norton pretending to be a taxi driver?’ So if I did, it would be on stage.”

What are your favourite chat shows of all time?
“My favourites tend to be American, because doing them five nights a week, they get so good at them. You know Craig Ferguson, from Scotland? He does The Late Late Show and he’s just amazing at the moment. He makes it look easy and he’s quirky and funny. My all-time favourite is Gay Byrne in Ireland – he is a chat show god.”

What’s missing on TV at the moment?
“Not much. I feel quite well catered for, although if TV Times could fix it for me, I would like to see a crime show starring Miriam Margolyes. She is just the funniest, most delightful woman and I would love to have her in my living room every week.”