Great British Bake Off an electrifying hit, according to the National Grid!

The premiere of Great British Bake Off series 5 was an electrifying hit, judging by the amount of kettles that were switched on as the programme finished.

The National Grid reports that there was a 650MW surge in demand between 8:58pm, when it was announced Claire Goodwin was the first to leave the show, and 9:05pm.

That’s equivalent to 260,000 kettles being switched on by people wanting tea with their cake. Last year’s final experienced a 400MW surge, so there’s been a definite increase following the show’s move from BBC2 to BBC1.

The National Grid said that ‘TV pick-ups’ occur at the end of popular shows when people stop watching and start turning on lights, kettles and ovens. Electricity can’t be stored in large quantities, so as system operator the National Grid has to make sure electricity supply accurately meets demand, bringing on extra generation so people have the power they need.

The Great British Bake Off continues on Wednesday, while The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice screens on Fridays on BBC2