TV baker Paul Hollywood, who shot to fame on the BBC cookery contest The Great British Bake Off, is thrilled that the BBC has expanded his ­contract to include a new series about his other loves: cars and motorbikes, reports a Sunday tabloid.

A source close to the star said: “This is just his perfect job.

“He loves cars and cooking – now he will present shows about both.

“The BBC have clearly shown how much they are committed to him by doing this.”

Paul, 48, owns a fleet of cars, including an Aston Martin DB9 and a new Aston Martin Vantage, worth a fortune, says the Sunday People.

Paul has made no secret of his passion for Aston Martins, ­famously driven by James Bond.

In a recent ­interview he said: “I’ve been into cars all my life. Aston Martin employs people here – they’re British, they’re Bond – so when I got my DB9 it was a very special day.

“I’ll be paying for it for the rest of my life but it was something I’d wanted since I had a DB5 poster on my wall.”

The Great British Bake Off returns to BBC1 later this summer.