Griff Rhys Jones: ‘I fancied a desk job!’

Comedian Griff Rhys Jones tells us why he’s gone back into the studio to host a brand new quiz show…

So what’s the idea behind your new quiz show, A Short History of Everything Else?

“There a lot of these comedy panel shows but having appeared on quite a few, they’re often far too complicated so the audience has no idea what’s going on!”

“This is a very simple idea – to revisit fads and moments in our past to see how much we can remember. It could be anything from the whole video nasty scare to Russian premier Boris Yeltsin and his extraordinary drunken career! It’s a nostalgia feast which is probably why they chose an ancient figure like me, who’s nearly 60, to front it!”

Who are the team captains?

“Marcus Brigstocke and Charlie Baker are our team captains and each week they’ll be joined by a celebrity guest. We’ve got some great people on the show including Julian Clary, Bob Mortimer, Kirsty Wark and Micky Flanagan. The team that knows the most about our recent past will win.”

What is your favourite era?

“For me it has to be the late 1960s, because that was when I was growing up. I spent most of my time awestruck by rocks stars like Jimi Hendrix who seemed to be wandering around central London in some sort of Nirvana which I was denied access to because I was an Essex lad from Brentwood!”

With the success of your shows like Britain’s Lost Routes and Rivers, what made you want to go back to comedy?

“Well I quite fancied a desk job as I’ve spent a lot of the time on the road lately. Plus, I’m not very good at saying ‘no’ to things!”

A Short History of Everything Else starts on Wednesday June 13 at 10pm on Channel 4.