The first guests to appear on Lily Allen’s new chat will be comedian David Mitchell and Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jr, it has been confirmed.

The 22-year-old singer is due to host the interactive BBC Three show Lily Allen And Friends from February 12 at 10.30pm – and viewers will be able to suggest questions for the guests online at

Also joining Lily to mark her chat show debut will be Reverend And The Makers, and unsigned band and YouTube sensation Zay Tonday, who scored more than 14 million hits for his Chocolate Rain song.

Each week Lily is due to choose two unsigned bands to join her on the show, but only one of them will get the chance to perform.

The petite starlet, daughter of comic Keith Allen, recently hit the headlines when she suffered a miscarriage.

But last week she was in the audience to support her younger brother Alfie’s stage debut in Equus.

David Mitchell is set to return to TV alongside comedy partner Robert Webb in That Mitchell And Webb Look later this month. Jerry Maguire star Cuba Gooding Jr is due to star in Hero Wanted later this year.