Gunpowder, meet the key characters... expect fireworks!

Game of Throne star Kit Harington brings the Guy Fawkes story to life in Gunpowder, an explosive new BBC1 drama, which starts tonight.

Here’s our who’s who guide to the key players in the lavish three-part story…

Robert Catesby (Kit Harington)

Gunpowder Robert Catesby Kit Harrington

Humiliated by Protestant authorities, the embittered Catholic widower is the plot’s mastermind.

Guy Fawkes (Tom Cullen)

Gunpowder Guy Fawkes

Recruited by Catesby, he is 
later tortured and forced to take the blame for the plot.

Thomas Wintour (Edward Holcroft)

Gunpowder Thomas Wintour

A friend and long-time ally of Robert Catesby, he helps to carry out the plot.

Anne Vaux (Liv Tyler)

Gunpowder Anne Vaux Liv Tyler

Catesby’s cousin is a devout Catholic who hides priests from authorities.

King James I (Derek Riddell)

Gunpowder King James I

Protestant monarch and 
the intended 
victim of the Gunpowder plot.

Robert Cecil (Mark Gatiss)

Gunpowder Robert Cecil

Machievellian advisor to the King, ruthless and out to gain power himself.

Gunpowder starts tonight on BBC1 at 9.10pm.