Hairy Bikers Dave Myers and Simon King joyfully cook, eat and bike their way around the Mediterranean in The Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure

The Hairy Bikers know exactly what we need at the moment – sunshine, great food, and no mention of New Year’s resolutions!

During this six-part series, which starts tonight on BBC2 at 8pm, Dave Myers and Simon King hop on their motorbikes and make a break for Sardinia, Italy, Corsica, France, the Balearics and Spain, exploring the culinary and cultural history of each location. Not only do they light up our screens with their entertaining new cooking tour, they also manage to give us a few excellent holiday ideas too!

Nice work if you can get it! Si and Dave relax between adventures

“We’ve gone to places that are very accessible but also have hidden gems. It’s a real tonic for a January evening,” explained Dave, who added: “We delve a bit deeper into the culture and stories that have built the unique Mediterranean identity.”

Tonight’s episode on BBC2 at 8pm sees the Bikers in Italy

“The culinary highlight was ‘cucina povera’ – it’s the most amazing, simple, tasty food,” Dave told What’s on TV. Simon added: “Cucina povera means ‘poor cuisine’ but it’s anything but! It’s superb.”

The Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure starts tonight on BBC2 at 8pm.