Hammond is quids in with supermarket ad

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is in the money after earning £750,000 filming an ad for supermarket chain Morrisons, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that the 38-year-old pocketed the enormous salary for just four days work on the ad – an impressive £187,500 for each day of filming.

That easily dwarfs his Top Gear salary, which was recently increased to a reported £25,000 per show.

“This really is ridiculous money,” a friend of Hammond’s said.

“Richard is made up. Supermodels who won’t get out of bed for £10,000 a day may want to change careers. He’ll no doubt grab himself a couple of fancy new motors for his collection.”

The advert shows Hammond apparently flying himself from Spain to Britain to promote Morrison’s meat, although the flying scenes are said to have been faked to save the cost of insuring the presenter.

“The shoot was a mixture of location work in Spain and filming at an aerodrome and one of our stores in Berkshire,” a spokesman told the paper. “We never discuss anyone’s salary.”

Hammond is one of a string of celebs to appear in Morrison’s ads. Others include recently increased judge Denise Van Outen and Cold Feet actress Helen Baxendale.