Hannah Spearritt is all action for Primeval II

Hannah Spearritt’s character, Abby Maitland, is a brave cookie and won’t let any amount of anomalies hold her back in the all new Primeval.

Are you excited to be back?

“Being brought back for a second time is such a great feeling because it means that you’re involved with something that has worked, something that people really like. It’s lovely to feel wanted.”

Do you think it can live up to the first series?

“This series is so much more heightened and really takes absolutely everything to a newer and more exciting level; both in terms of the amount of action on screen as well as the emotional punch it’s packing. It would have been very easy to follow the same formula that worked on series one, but Adrian (the writer) and everyone involved have really pushed themselves.”

A lot of things have changed. How is Abby dealing with that?

“Oh god, just about everything has changed for her. Whatever they did in the past has affected the future and altered everyone’s reality. While the changes for her are perhaps not as immediately obvious as for Cutter, Abby’s circumstances have changed, but subtly.”

There is also the addition of the new headquarters. What’s that like?

“It’s called the ARC which stands for Anomaly Research Centre and is almost like a new character. I think it’s going to be the star of the show. It’s absolutely huge, is all glass and metal and looks very grand. There needed to be a big visual difference to the first series in order for viewers to recognise just how much has changed for Cutter. The impact had to be immediate and enormous and the ARC really fulfills that remit admirably.”

So does Abby get stuck into the action?

“Oh she’s right in the middle of it all which is what I love about her. She is not afraid to get involved, to get stuck right into the action. Abby actively puts herself in the main arena. There is one moment, actually, when she takes on a sabre-toothed tiger – it’s my Russell Crowe Gladiator moment. Some of the team are trapped in this arena with the tiger prowling around and I break away from the group and there is a stand-off between me and the tiger. It’s literally me and the beast. She’s a brave little cookie.

Your character is a feisty female, isn’t she?

“This show is great for the girls – the women are all really strong, independent characters. And that’s really great for youngsters to see. There’s no messing with any of these ladies. We’ve got the guys licked in that respect.”

Talking of guys, has Stephen’s confession changed Abby’s feelings towards him?

“Oh, she’s done with Stephen. It’s very easy for Abby to draw a line under that part of their relationship, and say ‘Okay, that’s not for me.’ She doesn’t want to be involved with somebody who would do that to somebody else. To Abby, it’s very black and white and so she starts to distance herself from Stephen. And then there is Connor who makes her laugh and who genuinely and obviously cares for her. He probably is the most important person in her life, but until Caroline arrives on the scene, Abby hasn’t realised just how much he means to her.”

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