Hannah Tointon as ‘disorganised’ as new character

Hannah Tointon has confessed that she and her latest TV character have more in common than just their first names – as she is just as disorganised as her new screen alter ego.

The former Hollyoaks actress plays flighty Hannah in Switch, the story of four young witches who live together in Camden, which makes its debut on the channel on October 16 – and as she revealed, she and the the character shared some notable similarities.

“I’d love to say I’m not like her, but to be honest I am very disorganised!” she admitted – but added that the similarities ended there. “But I couldn’t go off for months on end like she does because I love being at home.”

Hannah – sister of actress and former Strictly Come Dancing champion Kara added that she had been thrilled to get a part as a witch since she has always been fascinated by them, ever since she was a child.

“My favourite book was the Worst Witch – I loved it. And then obviously there was Harry Potter,” she said. “I hate scary things but when magic is involved it doesn’t seem as horrible because you know you can just turn things back if you want to.”

However she did admit that the rhyming spells were the hardest thing to remember when filming the show.

“The first few spells we really knew by heart but the later ones were really quite awful,” she said.

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