1. A show of one’s own!

December 1957

Two years after ascending to the throne, TV Times delivers a classic cover for Elizabeth II’s first televised Christmas broadcast.

2. The Kim and Kayne of Kent

June 1961

We were thrilled that the telly was showing the wedding of the Queen’s cousin, Edward, to Katharine Worsley as they became the Duke and Duchess of Kent – Kardashian Wests of their day!


3. Now we are ten…

February 1962

TV Times commemorated The Queen’s first ten years in the job with a look at the events which shaped the monarchy.


4. Simon who?

June 1977

Her Majesty was a pioneer of the royal walkabout – are you watching Simon Cowell? And we marked her Silver Jubilee with this beautiful floral cover of the Queen and appreciative fans.


5. Thoroughly modern Margaret

November 1978

Well before William and Kate were hanging out with Beckham and Barlow, Princess Margaret had plenty of fun with famous friends, including Peter Sellers and Noël Coward.

6. Hold still, ma’am!

August 1979

If we suggested to our bosses we put an unfinished painting on our cover today we’d be filling in job applications by lunchtime – but that’s exactly what brave, fearless TV Times did for an ITV documentary about the Queen’s portraits.

7. What you need is a map!

July 1981


A lovely picture of the happy couple would have been too obvious for Charles and Diana’s wedding, wouldn’t it?


8. Charles, Diana, Rita and Len

August 1981 

We paid tribute to two royal couples in this issue: newlyweds Charles and Diana settled into married life while Corrie legends Rita and Len were about to welcome foster son John. Sadly, requests for a joint photoshoot were declined.


9. A different Christmas

December 1983

According to our artist at the time, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were to spend Christmas 1983 around the tree wearing amusing masks of their own faces…


10. The People’s Granny

May 1985

The Queen Mother happily carried out her favourite duty of Grandmother, cradling Prince Harry, who was making his TV Times cover debut.

11. Fergie in flight

July 1987

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, may not have been a royal for long, but by crikey she had fun while she was part of the inner sanctum. Here she is on the way to Sainsbury’s.


12. Toddler! Sumo! Edgy!

November 1988

Contrary to what you might have heard, TV Times is edgy. Here a toddler – a tiny tidy Prince Charles who celebrated his big 4-0 with our help in 1988 –  gets his own cover, while elsewhere we extoll the virtues of Japanese sumo wrestling.

13. Front page splash!

August 1998

Quite possibly our favourite royal cover of all time: Diana, the People’s Princess, and son Harry on a water ride at Thorpe Park. Sometimes a snapshot is all you need.


14. Kate, Wills – and Schofe!

April 2011

TV Times looked forward to the Cambridges’ big day with help from the Duke of Daytime, Phillip Schofield


15. Happy and Glorious!

June 2012

Dame Helen Mirren and Gary Barlow celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with us, and, according to our sources, three years on, Sir Elton John is still trying to top this outfit.


16. Follow me, men!

August 2012

We caught up with Prince Harry as he supported a group of injured veterans climbing Mount Everest – we’d all come a long way in 50 years…