Happy Birthday Jim Carrey!

I’ve always thought Canadians are funny. I’ve lived with a few and they’ve always cracked me up with their wicked sense of humour. Jim Carrey (a Canadian) is in a league of his own though and I am very happy to say I’ve never lived with him as his rubber-faced antics would be a bit of a handful on a tired Monday morning.

As much as I like watching Carrey go ballistic in some weird outfit, I prefer him in slightly more thoughtful films like The Truman Show or The Majestic. So I was really pleased to see the trailer for his latest film, I Love You Phillip Morris, which had me laughing out loud. Can’t wait to see the whole thing. Watch this space for a release date.


Did you catch the mouthwatering glimpse of a bare-chested Rodrigo Santoro? You know, the bloke from the Nicole Kidman Chanel advert.

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