Happy Birthday Nicolas Cage!

Nicholas Cage

He can sing, he can play the mandolin and, yes, I think he can act (whenever he bothers getting himself a good script to work with that is). And today, my fav movie star turns 45. For he’s a jolly good fellow and don’t you dare deny it!

If you didn’t already know, I’ve had a crush on Nicolas Cage since, like, forever – basically soon after I got over (a young) Mel Gibson after reading that he had (too many) kids, a wife and a drinking problem.

I just learned that Nic and I share the same star sign – Capricorn – so it’s like we’re already soulmates. Not that he’ll have time to meet up and discuss our similarities. His schedule for 2009-2010 shows three films in post-production, three filming and five in the pipeline.

Look out for Mr Cage in:

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans – 7 May 2010

Knowing – UK release 25 March 2009

G-Force – UK release 31 July 2009

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