Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse are to spoof some of the most celebrated shows on BBC Two to mark the channel’s 50th anniversary later this year.

The duo will provide their own take on a number of shows screened by the station in the past half century with clips from shows such as Dennis From Heaven, The Old Grey Wrinkled Testicle and Grumpy Old Hasbeens.

They will also parody a number of well-known faces with characters such as Joan Bakewell Tart, Gerald Manley Paxman, John Cleese-Shop-Sketch and Germaine Dreary.

Harry said: “BBC Two gave me my big solo break with Harry Enfield’s Television Programme almost 25 years ago. They have been loyal to us over decades. We therefore felt it was only right that now we should stab BBC Two in the back.”

He added: “They kindly asked us to do a homage to 50 years of BBC Two. It’s turned out to be less of a homage and more of a homicide. Whoops.”

Other programmes to mark the anniversary include a one-off return of sketch show Goodness Gracious Me.


Press Association