Comedian Harry Hill is being tipped to move to channel 4 from ITV, with a full-length feature film reportedly included in his new deal.

According to the Mirror the TV Burp host has begun talks with Channel 4 boss Jay Hunt about both a movie and a sketch show for the channel.

And they are hoping he will sign a deal rumoured to be worth around £2m in April, as soon as his golden handcuffs contract with ITV comes to an end.

“Harry has lots of ideas and fancies doing something different for a while, especially his own film,” a source close to the funnyman told the paper.

“That doesn’t really fit in with ITV’s plans so he is interested in doing a deal with Channel 4.”

The insider added that Harry was being lured to Channel 4 by the promise of creative freedom.

“He has been earning millions with ITV for years so it is not all about the money. For Harry it’s all about doing projects he loves so it seems almost certain he’ll head to Channel 4. And all his fans would love to see a Harry Hill movie.”

The 47-year-old first found small screen fame on Channel 4, with the surreal Harry Hill Show, which began in 1997 and ran for three series before he moved to ITV.