Has Jeremy Clarkson dodged a BBC contract clause to nab ITV show?

Despite the BBC banning Jeremy Clarkson from working for another UK broadcaster until 2017, it seems the former Top Gear presenter has found a legal loophole which means he could end up presenting an ITV show to rival the BBC2 motoring show when it returns with new presenters. 

Bosses at the BBC thought a clause in Clarkson’s contract would stop him from working for another channel for a couple of years, but – according to the Daily Mirror – Jeremy has discovered that he could still get the project of the ground if it’s made by an overseas production team. They could then sell the rights around the world, including UK broadcasters such as ITV.

It means Clarkson – and pals James May and Richard Hammond, – could find themselves with a primetime slot on the BBC’s main rival. 

A source told the newspaper: “It has been a battle with all the legal complications, but after some solid advice Jeremy believes they’ll successfully get around the issues despite the BBC making desperate efforts to stop them.”

Last month, it was revealed that May and Hammond turned down a £4m offer from the BBC to present Top Gear without Clarkson. Refusing to return to the motoring show without their pal, May and Hammond are working with Clarkson to make a return to TV as a trio. 

Meanwhile, the BBC are pressing ahead with plans to bring back Top Gear with a completely new presenting team, which will include DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans, and two other, as yet unnamed, hosts.