Have we really seen the last of Dibley?

Dawn French has apparently hinted that hit series The Vicar Of Dibley may make an exciting comeback.

The show bowed out in a Comic Relief special in March, after being a TV favourite for 12 years and writer Richard Curtis said there would be no new episodes.

However, the 50-year-old comedienne – who plays vicar Geraldine Granger – said that Curtis has refused to let anyone destroy the set, reports The Sun.

Dawn said: “He had said that it was definitely, definitely, definitely the end.

“Then when I heard he asked for the sets to be stored, I thought. ‘He just can’t let go of it.'”

Producer Jon Plowman confirmed that Curtis was shocked when a crew member asked after the final episode: “We’re going to burn the set, is that OK?”

He said the writer declared: “Not yet.”

Plowman added: “Maybe there’ll come a moment when the nation needs a bit of a cuddle. We’re not saying never.”

Speaking on UKTV, Curtis admitted: “I keep saying that if Charles becomes King and they want to let us see how Dibley is going to celebrate that occasion, I suppose that, you know, you might come out of retirement.”

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