Hayley Mills: ‘I could stay here for ever’

Wild At Heart‘s glamorous granny Hayley Mills joins us for a chat…

How is Caroline coping at Leopard’s Den this series?

“The relationship between Caroline and her husband Dup has really developed. There’s a lot of humour and real affection. When she first appeared she wasn’t interested in animals, but little by little she’s grown to love them.”

What’s been your favourite scene to film this year?

“We have a scene where we go camping and Caroline tries to rough it! She joins him in the bush – that was rather fun, sleeping out with just a blanket on the ground.”

What is your favourite thing about South Africa?

“I love the land. The vast distances, the mountains and the sky. When I go back to London and to my house it’s all so small, I feel like a mouse.”

What do you miss about the UK when you’re out there?

“My kids and their kids. If I could just transport them all, I’d stay here for ever!”

What’s your favourite animal in the bush?

“A giraffe. I also adore and admire lions and I still can’t get over the awesome experience of actually being close to a lion.”

*Wild at Heart screens on ITV1 on Sundays

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