Heather Mills McCartney has described her impassioned interviews against ‘lies’ in the media as ‘unbelievably cathartic’.

Sir Paul McCartney’s estranged wife, who is locked in divorce negotiations with her husband, attacked the media last week for ‘pushing her to the edge’ and called on the public to stop buying tabloid newspapers in a series of TV interviews.

Speaking on GMTV on Thursday, Heather said she’s received ‘so much support’ for her campaign to take a petition to the European Parliament to strengthen the law against ‘a specific portion’ of the media.

She said: “It’s been unbelievably cathartic. It’s the difference between being in prison and being on parole.

“I’ve had 18 months of the worst press ever and I got the chance to protect myself and my daughter.”

She hit back at reports that she’d been unhappy at seeing pictures of Macca kissing married US millionairess Nancy Shevell.

She said: “In that situation with Paul, there was no phone call, there was no tears and tantrums – there was nothing.

“Basically I just said ‘I wish you all the best’ and that was it, when we did swap over. It’s none of anybody’s business what happens in Paul’s love life.”

And she said her husband hadn’t responded to her recent blitz of interviews.

Asked by GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips if the former Beatle ‘had reacted’, she replied: “No, he hasn’t said a word, not a word. It’s very civil for our daughter.”

She also denied that she’d compared herself to Gerry and Kate McCann, parents of missing Madeleine, in her interview with GMTV last week.