Heather Mills McCartney hit back at her critics on Thursday, insisting: “I’m no fantasist.”

A newspaper journalist also called Heather Mills has claimed the former model stole her identity in the 90s. But the estranged wife of former Beatle Sir Paul said she’s worked as a journalist, as a BBC current affairs producer and a columnist.

She told GMTV: “There’s this woman going round apparently called Heather Mills saying ‘Heather’s pretending to be me’ and I’m like, excuse me?

“She’s trying to say I was pretending I was her because I said I did journalism.

“I wrote for the New Statesman and I wrote as a columnist. I produced for current affairs at the BBC. I’m not making anything up, they are true things.”

The other Heather Mills worked for The Observer and now writes for Private Eye.

Heather – who was appearing on the show to protest at pig farming practices – also dismissed a recently-published picture of her wearing a fur coat in the 80s, which appeared at odds with her current campaign for animal rights.

“Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney – everyone has worn fur coats in the past,” she said.

The 38-year-old told viewers she has no interest in self-publicity.

“Think about it. When do I ever go on TV, how many times in the last year? Once. I’m chased down the street day in, day out. I’m not a publicity seeker.”