Heather Mills judge: ‘She’s her own worst enemy’

The judge in Heather Mills’ divorce case has said the former model ‘is her own worst enemy’.

In a full judgment released after Miss Mills’ appeal against its publication failed, Mr Justice Bennett said he accepted that since April 2006, she had had a bad press.

“She is entitled to feel that she has been ridiculed, even vilified. To some extent she is her own worst enemy. She has an explosive and volatile character.

“She cannot have done herself any good in the eyes of potential purchasers of her services as a TV presenter, public speaker and a model, by her outbursts in her TV interviews in October and November 2007. Nevertheless the fact is that at present she is at a disadvantage.

“The wife would say she is at a severe disadvantage. I think she overplays her hand.”

He said her evidence that she had turned down huge amounts of work was ‘quite inconsistent’ with her assertion that her earning capacity was zero.

“I have found that her association with the husband advanced, not stultified, her career. If in the future she is circumspect about engaging with the media and/or adopts an emollient and less confrontational attitude to it, I think that the negative interest shown towards her will indeed subside.”