Reports suggest Heather Mills has been lined up for a US version of Footballers’ Wives.

The blonde has been approached to star in the American version, reports the Daily Express.

US network ABC are currently wooing the former model, the paper says. And if she signs up for the TV soap, she apparently has David Beckham to thank for it, because the idea came about after he signed to LA Galaxy.

“It’s all gone crazy over Beckham. Soccer isn’t as appreciated here as it is in the UK but people are starting to take notice,” a source at ABC told the paper.

“We’re keen to do something similar to Footballers’ Wives. Soccer meets Dynasty if you like. Heather Mills has done a lot of US TV and she’s someone we’d love for the show. There was talk of her appearing in Desperate Housewives, but if they don’t want to know then we do,” the source added.