Heath’s masseuse called Mary-Kate Olsen before 911

The masseuse who found Heath Ledger dead in his New York apartment made two calls to actress Mary-Kate Olsen before calling the emergency services, authorities have said.

Diana Wolozin told police she first called Mary-Kate, a friend of Heath’s whose number was in his mobile phone, for advice when she thought the 28-year-old actor was unconscious.

But when she realised he may be dead she called Mary-Kate again, and then called for an ambulance.

Heath had six different types of drugs, including sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication, inside his apartment, but post-mortem results have so far proved inconclusive, authorities said.

At 1pm, housekeeper Teresa Solomon went into his bedroom to change a light bulb, saw him sleeping and heard him snoring.

At 2.45pm, Ms Wolozin, the massage therapist, arrived for Heath’s appointment, knocked on his door and got no answer.

She tried to call him on his mobile phone, but again got no response. She went into the bedroom, set up her massage table and again tried to wake him.

Ms Wolozin told police that Heath was cold to the touch, but that she assumed he was just unconscious.

She used his mobile phone to call Mary-Kate because she knew they were friends. Ms Wolozin then realised Heath might be dead so called Mary-Kate again, and then called an ambulance.

New York Police Department commissioner Ray Kelly said a rolled-up 20 dollar note was also found near Heath’s body, but no illegal drugs were discovered.

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