Hector and the Search for Happiness | Film review – Pegg’s smug hero sets off on a globetrotting pursuit

His spirit sapped by a routine life, Simon Pegg’s mopy psychiatrist sets off on a globetrotting pursuit to find the secret of what makes people happy in this strenuously whimsical adaptation of François Lelord’s bestselling self-help book, Hector and the Search for Happiness. The quest takes him to China, Tibet, Africa and Los Angeles, jotting down blindingly obvious insights in his notebook along the way from encounters with, among others, wealthy businessman Stellan Skarsgard, high-class Shanghai call girl Zhao Ming and drug lord Jean Reno, while loyal girlfriend Rosamund Pike waits patiently at home. None of this is particularly funny or touching and the wisdom Pegg’s smug hero accumulates is blatantly shallow.


Certificate 15. Runtime 120 mins. Director Peter Chelsom. 


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