Dame Helen Mirren is too embarrassed to meet the Queen – although Buckingham Palace said they were looking at organising a meeting for the pair.

But the 61-year-old, before she won an Oscar for her role as the monarch, said: “I don’t think I could handle that”.

Asked whether she was ready for a meeting, the actress told Hello! magazine: “Oh, no. I have thought about that. You know, what would I do? I don’t think I could handle that. No.

“Thank you, Ma’am for being who you are, and allowing me to be you’. I mean, what do you say? Very, very difficult.”

The Queen star also hit out at Bafta for not recognising Elizabeth I, her portrayal of the Queen’s 16th-century predecessor.

She and Jeremy Irons both won Emmys, considered the Oscars of the TV world, for their roles in the drama. The actress said it was ‘shameful’ that the acclaimed TV drama had not been recognised in its own country.

Dame Helen told the magazine: “We weren’t even nominated (for acting awards) in Britain, which I think is a disgrace. I’m not speaking personally, but I’m speaking for the whole piece. It was well directed. It was well written. It was a superb piece of work and it went unrecognised in Great Britain.

The Prime Suspect star added: “It wasn’t even nominated for a (TV) Bafta (other than for craft awards). I think that’s shameful.”