Helen Mirren considered quitting acting for love

Dame Helen Mirren has revealed she almost considered giving up acting for her relationship.

The 62-year-old actress told the Daily Express that 20 years before her Oscar success she was disconcerted at losing out on roles to more famous stars and wanted to quit and spend more time with her American husband, director Taylor Hackford.

Dame Helen said: “It was certainly not love at first sight and I would have taken a hefty bet against it if someone had said that this was the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

“However, he has a positive nature and the ability to press forward against all odds.

“Eventually I felt that I had to put my relationship before work. There was a time when I felt like giving up on my career because all the decent roles were being given to Hollywood actresses with bigger profiles than me.”

But The Queen star – who met Taylor on the set of White Nights in 1985 and married him 12 years later in Scotland on New Year’s Eve – revealed the director encouraged her to keep going.

She said: “I started crying and told Taylor my difficulties. He just took me aside and said: ‘Don’t worry. We’re only this far along in our life together and still have all that time to go. Some will be hard and some will be easy, but we’ll make it.’

“I think that was the moment I finally fell in love with him.”