HELP! Nick Tilsley needs his enemies to save him in Corrie, says Ben Price

A dysfunctional family day out at the seaside ends badly for Nick Tilsley. Ben Price opens up about his dramatic exit from the Street…

We’ve known for a while about Nick Tilsley leaving the Street, but not how it would happen. Turns out it’s a first for Corrie!

“After rowing with dad-rivals Steve and Peter, Nick storms off to a deserted area of the beach to try to get his thoughts together, but then suddenly waves wash in and sinking sand begins to swallow him up,” Ben Price told Soaplife. The tide has turned.

First up, can you tell us a bit about the day out at the seaside?
“It’s a weird one. Nick suggests it, but not for happy family reasons. He’s hoping Steve or Peter will mess up, but Nick only ends up exposing his own personality flaws and issues. That’s when he storms off.”

 Is he planning to kill himself?
“Not at all – although he doesn’t like what he has become. He just wants to get away from everyone, but hasn’t bargained on the tide or the quicksand. He’s strayed onto a very dangerous part of the beach without realising.”

How did you feel about your departure storyline when you were told that it involved being stuck in quicksand?
“A bit surprised and wanted to know how it tied into everything that has been happening to Nick. But it does tie in brilliantly. Psychologically Nick is losing it – losing his perspective over the whole situation with Steve and Oliver, and he also feels second best where Simon’s concerned. He loves both boys, but can’t stand having their real dads in his life.”

 Yet it’s Steve and Peter who try to rescue Nick…
“Yes. Would Nick do the same for either of them in the circumstances? I doubt it. Steve and Peter undoubtedly have their faults, but neither is as calculating and nasty as Nick can be – and Nick knows this.”

What were the scenes like to film?
“Very good because it was tough and cold – I really was in the sea rather than a tank in a studio. We had the coastguard there, and they were amazing. I felt perfectly safe but I knew I didn’t have very long to do the scenes so we had to get it right.”

Can you tell us a little about your decision to leave?
“It’s based on wanting to spend more time with my family. I live a couple of hundred miles away from Manchester and was away most weeks for many years, but now it’s time to be home. Of course I agonised over it as I’ve had the best time of my career here, I’ve had the best storylines and worked with the best family so it was tough to decide to leave all that behind.”

Are you taking anything with you?
“Nick’s Crombie coat if they will let me – that’s the only thing I want.”


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