The creator of US cult show Heroes has revealed he is considering ways to “wrap up” the story following the programme’s axing earlier this year.

Tim Kring said he was mulling over a proper ending for the show – which will end this year after four seasons – with either a mini-series or a film to keep the fans satisfied.

“We all thought there was going to be another season – the truth is, we are still talking to the network about how to wrap up the show in some way for the fans,” he said, “but no decision has been made about how we’re going to do that.

“As to how to continue this brand that everybody recognises, this is a very potent brand across the world.

I’m still very involved in trying to wrap that up on air for the fans and hopefully we’ll have something to announce very shortly.”

Kring admitted he was keen to continue the Heroes brand in the future despite the show ending.

“The Heroes universe is a very deep one and it extends across all sorts of platforms, and it can very easily extend across multiple platforms – online, publishing, comic books, gaming and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

“I am hoping to explore that with the network who owns the property.”