Hijack: Emilia, Jeremy, Liam, Victor face the vote

Emilia, Jeremy and Liam will all face eviction along with Victor on Friday after Joan Rivers hijacked the nominations on Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack.

On Tuesday, American comedienne, 74, made housemates come to the Diary Room in pairs and tell each other face to face why they deserved to stay in the house and why the other person should get booted out.

After seeing all the housemates, Joan announced who she was putting up for eviction, telling them: “It’s not easy – it took me a good seven minutes! Ultimately, it is a public vote, it’s not me. I’m just a simple icon.”

She then explained her reasons, telling a surprised Jeremy: “I would like you to remember me as the person who gave you one last knock before your career took off. Stupid reason but f*** it!”

She told Liam: “You screwed up. You took your career into your own hands.”

And she explained to Emilia: “I think you’re fabulous, I think you’re adorable. You’re too nice and you’re too good – I want you to get out in the real world and marry a rich man.

“If you’re smart, get a man with a heart condition, walk behind him, go BOO! and you’ll be set for life.”

Victor was chosen for automatic nomination by Anthony after the circus performer failed the interrogation task set by Andy McNab.

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