Hijack: Latoya and Emilia up for eviction

Following Victor and Liam’s double eviction on Friday night, Celebrity Hijack housemates Latoya and Emilia are next to face the public vote.

But the evicted housemate won’t be getting a big Friday night eviction like everyone else – the unlucky one will be booted out on Wednesday without a fanfare.

On Sunday, the housemates nominated yet again and on Monday they were gathered on the sofas to be told that circus performer and Victor’s sister Emilia, and dancer Latoya would be up for eviction.

But as the two names were announced, some of the housemates suspected that there were more names to come, with Amy shouting: “They must still have something to say. Finish your sentence or turn it off!”

On Tuesday, it was revealed that former All Saints members Nicole Appleton and Melanie Blatt would be the next celebrities to hijack the Big Brother house.

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