Him and Her actresses Sarah Solemani and Kerry Howard are writing an ‘all-female’ BBC One sitcom.

The pair played sisters in BBC Three’s ‘anti-romantic’ comedy about a couple, which came to an end last year.

Now Kerry has told RadioTimes.com: “I’m writing a sitcom with Sarah Solemani for BBC One. It’s an all-female sitcom. That’s all I can say!”

The actresses are both mums, but Kerry said that they were keen not to take too much time off.

“We’ve got a moment in time. If we sat at home and were full-time mums we’d miss out on this window of opportunity. I’ve worked really hard to get to this level – it feels silly to sit back,” she said.

“Telly’s fickle – it’s not like a normal job where you can have your six months off – people kind of forget you.”