Holby City’s Jac Naylor causes complete and utter chaos in Casualty!

Holby City’s Jac Naylor sets off a catastrophic chain of events in Casualty

Ethan Hardy enters a new circle of hell after he desperately strikes up a well-meaning deal with Darwin clinical lead Jac Naylor (played by Holby City’s excellent Rosie Marcel) in this week’s Casualty. Patients’ lives are undoubtedly at risk…

Here’s everything you need to know about Jac Naylor’s appearance in Casualty… Warning: Contains spoilers

Ethan is highjacked

Jac Naylor is innocently reading her subscription to Evil Daily when she spots her prey…

Acting clinical lead Ethan Hardy is in a flap before he attends a meeting with the hospital board this week. But he’s got a plan! Before the meeting Ethan reveals to Jac Naylor, who’s also attending the meeting, that he’s planning on setting up a new screening area manned by the junior doctors in order to shorten patient waiting times and avoid a catastrophic situation, as seen a few weeks ago


Jac plays both parts in a game of good medic-bad medic, and convinces Ethan she’s his ally

Spying an opportunity to relieve the stress on her own department, Jac convinces Ethan (George Rainsford) to bypass the usual protocols and set up the screening area immediately. She even promises him some chairs if Ethan agrees to treat some of her patients into the bargain!

Lives at stake

Ethan confronts Jac when he realises he’s been played

When senior nurses Jacob and Duffy (Charles Venn and Cathy Shipton) realise what’s happening they are understandably furious and become vocally opposed to Ethan’s attempts to increase the ED’s capacity with no budget! To make matters worse, Jac reneges on their initial deal and it soon becomes clear she’s used Ethan’s inexperience against him and conned him into treating some of her patients, without returning the favour…

Love, lies & Alicia’s blog

Alicia helps Ethan forgets his worries, but the ED is always waiting for him tomorrow…

Ethan’s troubles increase when Jac reveals the board also expects him to weed out the anonymous writer of the explosive blog Rage in Resus. Crumbling under the pressure, Ethan turns to friend and fellow doctor Alicia Munroe (Chelsea Halfpenny) for emotional support. However, he’s completely unaware Alicia is the anonymous author of Rage in Resus! Still, at least things are looking up in his personal life with Alicia, eh?

We can’t help but wonder what Connie Beauchamp will make of this when she hears about it!

Catch Jac Naylor in Casualty on Saturday 17 February at 8.20pm

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