Holly Willoughby on Surprise Suprise: ‘Not crying was my biggest challenge’ (VIDEO)

New mum Holly Willoughby says filming the new series of her hit show Surprise Surprise was especially emotional…

Surprise Surprise is always a tear-jerker of a show and you were pregnant while filming this series… H ow was that?
“I remember being in a meeting and reading a script for one of the stories with tears rolling down my face. I was in bits! Not crying was my biggest challenge because being pregnant my emotions were all over the place.”

Were there any stories this series that particularly moved you?
“One lady, Sophia, was 31 weeks’ pregnant when her baby stopped moving and she ended up losing her. She started a campaign called Count The Kicks and part of her surprise was that Alesha Dixon and I fronted her billboard campaign. You can’t help but be moved by that sort of thing.”

This first week we see US singer and rapper Pharrell Williams surprise someone. Tell us about that…
“Well, Holly Addison’s dad died from brain cancer last year, so her life was turned upside down, but she’s since raised lots of money to keep his memory alive. She’s also a massive Pharrell fan so we took her to a London restaurant and then in bursts Pharrell telling her how proud her dad would be of her! Her reaction is brilliant, the best we’ve ever had!”

Watch that incredible moment here:

Are you often approached by people who want to surprise a loved one?
“All the time! Everybody knows somebody who deserves recognition. It makes you realise there are a lot of good people who do a lot of selfless things. There are also people who manage to turn their lives around after really horrendous experiences. I don’t know how they do it!”

Congratulations on having your baby boy Chester last month. How are you enjoying life with three kids?
“I like the chaos that comes with it. I like that feeling of being in the house, stuff everywhere, running around trying to get everybody ready! I’m taking a year off This Morning, but if and when things get too much, that’s when I’ll change things.”

Amanda Holden’s standing in for you at This Morning… have you given her any advice?
“We’ve been texting! But she’s in good hands sat next to Phillip. I’ll be watching, though, which is what I did when I had my son, Harry. I’ll be taking part in the phone-ins!”

Surprise Suprise returns on Wednesday, October 22 at 8pm on ITV.


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