Hollyoaks’ Jen: Mercy goes into self-destruct mode

Hollyoaks‘ Jennifer Metcalfe reveals to Soaplife that Mercedes faces a new nightmare because Silas has got away with murder!

Mercedes has been putting on her usual ‘couldn’t give a damn’ front since her terrifying ordeal as Silas’s prisoner, but the news that the serial killer won’t stand trial for his crimes is a terrible knockback. “Silas pleads insanity so instead of prison he’ll go to a mental hospital,” says Jennifer. “And Mercy worries he’ll escape.” That’s not the only shock Mercedes gets…

How does Mercedes hear Silas won’t be standing trial?

“She sees the headline splashed all over the news stand. Silas has pleaded insanity and now Riley, Lynsey and Mercedes won’t get the chance to give evidence against him. Mercedes acts like she’s not bothered, but she is. She starts having terrible nightmares and is clearly traumatised by the news.”

Is there anyone she can talk to?

“She has a few heart-to-hearts with Lynsey as she’s the one person who understands. Lynsey suggests Mercedes goes to see a shrink and, surprisingly, she agrees. That’s a big step for Mercedes as she’s not the sort of person who likes talking about her problems.”

But she also does something very stupid…

“She goes into self-destruct mode and rings Dr Browning and has sex with him again. This time she doesn’t take any money, but she still hates herself for it.”

And it backfires on her. What happens?

“Lynsey finds out about it and she tells Riley. He has a go at Mercedes and says he doesn’t want Bobby around a mum who’s a prostitute. But she explains she didn’t do it for money.”

Does Riley cool down?

“He does. She’s very honest and open with him and they’re very natural together. He helps her paint a poster for the Jubilee and, afterwards, Mercedes gives his arm a squeeze. But he pulls away and she snaps back to reality.”

Mercedes gets another shock when she sees Lynsey and Riley together at the Jubilee party…

“Such a shock that she crushes her glass. But Mercedes has developed a close friendship with Lynsey so she might not react the way people expect.”

Does Mercedes still love Riley and want him back?

“It’s gone beyond love; it’s an obsession now. I think her plan is more destructive than winning him back. At the moment, she’s being nice to everybody because Bart’s told her that she will only get what she wants if she keeps her cool. She’s playing a game. The old Mercedes will be back shortly and I’m really looking forward to it!”