Hollyoaks spoilers! Have we seen the last of killer copper Ryan Knight?

DS Ryan Knight was finally arrested for the murder of his wife Amy Barnes after a dramatic showdown with his lover Ste Hay!

Holy moly! It all happened in Hollyoaks last night (Tues) as crooked copper Ryan Knight was finally arrested for the murder of his wife Amy Barnes on their wedding night last year.

Ryan tried to make a run for it, but was soon surrounded by the police and arrested! (Pictures: Lime Pictures)

Earlier in the episode, shown on Channel 4, Ryan’s lover Ste Hay confronted the copper himself after discovering Ryan not only murdered Amy but also tried to drown Ste’s sister, Tegan in the bath after she threatened to expose his killer secret.

But Ste had murder on his mind, as he ran the bath water and threatened to drown a terrified Ryan!

Ste had murder on his mind as he planned to drown killer Ryan. (Picture: Lime Pictures)

However, Ryan managed to escape Ste’s clutches and it wasn’t long before the lovers turned enemies were fighting it out in the living room! As Ryan got the upper hand, it looked like Ste was about to become the killer copper’s next victim!

Hollyoaks viewers have been waiting months for this big showdown between Ste and Ryan! (Pictures: Lime Pictures)

Luckily, Ste’s sister Leela Lomax and best friend Tony Hutchinson barged into the flat in the nick of time to save Ste. And with Ryan now under lock and key, the nightmare is finally over. Or is it?

Check out this sneak peek of what’s to come in Hollyoaks this Spring. It looks like we may not have seen the last of Ryan after all. Argh!

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