Home Fires’ plane crash horror… Who survived and who died?

The last moments of the Home Fires finale tonight were incredibly dramatic, and could well mean deaths galore in the village of Great Paxford. Some regular, popular cast members from ITV’s wartime drama may be lost from future series.

Bryn Brindsley (Daniel Ryan, pictured above) and his wife Miriam rushed away from Teresa’s wedding celebrations because she went into early labour, and thankfully they ended up getting to Dr Will Campbell’s house before the birth. Helped by doctor’s wife Erica and newly first aid trained Joyce Cameron, Bryn was soon told to move to another room as his encouraging shouts weren’t really helping his wife in the throes of labour.

Meanwhile, Pat Simms had also fled the wedding celebrations after she told her violent husband Bob she’d had enough and was leaving him.

All the while in the skies above an out of control Spitfire was careering towards the village about to crash into Dr Campbell’s home. Pat came upon the horrific scene with bewilderment….

We know the Brindsleys’ newborn has survived because Pat heard it cry from within the house. But did anyone perish in the pandemonium? Was excited dad-to-be Bryn killed, having been moved into the front room where the Spitfire seems to have crashed?

“Home Fires has really struck a chord with people,” says Daniel Ryan, who may, or may not, play Bryn Brindsley again. “I feel it’s important we do remember a time of war like this. A load of planes could suddenly appear to bomb you. We’d know today in plenty of time if that was going to happen, but it was more or less instant back then. I’ve learned from doing this series about what it maybe felt like at the time. I hope our show really captures that fear.”

The plane crash happened so quickly, who actually perished was impossible to be sure about because we’ve never really seen the layout of the Campbells’ house… Miriam, Dr Campbell, Erica or Joyce could well have died, too. Will there be a third series to clear up the loose threads? We hope so!


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