Duncan Bannatyne is making a new reality TV show with 10 homeless people who will battle for a job with the multi-millionaire.

The Scottish mogul, 61, will test the down-and-outs with a series of tasks at his £12 million luxury spa hotel in Hastings, East Sussex, according to The Sun.

The show, Homeless Hotel, is designed to give people their self-respect back by getting them off the streets – with one person being hired at the hotel.

A show source told The Sun: “We’re not going to be scooping tramps off the street and laughing at them trying to adjust.

“It’s a serious programme where the contestants will all be people who have got themselves into an unfortunate situation and are desperate to work their way out of it.”

Dragons’ Den star Duncan, 61, took part in a charity run for homeless charity Shelter this year.