Honour | Film review – A home-grown thriller with social-issue grit and heart-clutching suspense

A rigidly conservative British-Pakistani family hires Paddy Considine’s ex-con bounty hunter to track down their daughter (Aiysha Hart) as she plans to spurn an arranged marriage and run away with her Punjabi boyfriend (Nikesh Patel) in Honour.

First-time writer-director Shan Khan’s home-grown thriller is the second recent British film to cast an unflinching eye on Muslim honour crimes in the UK. Despite a tricky back-and-forth, flashback-laden narrative, it is far less cinematically bold than 2014’s Catch Me Daddy but does successfully combine social-issue grit with several sequences of heart-clutching suspense.

Certificate 15. Runtime 102 mins. Director Shan Khan

Honour is showing on Sky Movies Premiere at 1.45pm today and is available on DVD from Entertainment One.