Temperatures rise and tempers fray as the would-be business tycoons clash in the next episode of The Apprentice.

The two teams are sent to the Science Museum in London where they have to persuade a group of inventors and designers that they should have the right to sell their products.

Both teams like the look of baby clothes that change colour, but Isle of Man-based entrepreneur Stuart Baggs threatens to spoil his team’s pitch for the business with his pushy style.

He bombards the designer with questions causing teammate Stella English to blow her top and brand his efforts as ‘frankly embarrassing’.

And project manager Jamie Lester agrees, warning Stuart: “There is a very fine line between making a hard-nosed decision and being rude.”

But Stuart is not the only one attracting the wrong kind of attention for their over-aggressive efforts on the BBC One reality show.

Londoner Melissa Cohen comes under scrutiny from Karren Brady who complains the 27-year-old ‘never listens’.

Karren says: “She just talks and talks and talks and actually, when you’re in a pitch, if you don’t listen to what the customer says all you end up doing is winding them up.”

The decision to give every contestant their own order book to log their own sales also causes trouble with Paloma Vivanco, Laura Moore and Sandesh Samra soon at each other’s throats.

Watch a preview clip of tonight’s Apprentice task: