HORROR for THIS Coronation Street pair as they’re given devastating news tonight

Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown will be given upsetting news about their babies tonight...

Tonight’s Coronation Street will see Gemma and Chesney left terrified for their unborn quads when doctors make a shock discovery during a routine scan.

The parents-to-be have been surrounded by drama for weeks. First Gemma’s mum Bernice arrived on the cobbles to cause trouble between the pair, and now her former flame Kel has also made an appearance to rake up the past.

Chesney, Gemma and Bernie in Rovers in Coronation Street

Bernie has caused nothing but trouble for Gemma and Chesney (Picture: ITV)

But just when it seemed like the pair might get a quiet few weeks together before the chaos of having quads begins, they’re thrown into a new drama when they go for a scan in tonight’s episode (Check our new and improved TV guide for full TV listings).

The pair are stunned when the doctor reveals the scan has shown one of the four babies is much smaller than the others.

While the doctor urges Gemma and Chesney not to worry at this point, it is impossible for them not to fear the worst, especially when the sonographer tells them they will now have to go for weekly scans instead of fortnightly ones.

Gemma and Chesney in Coronation Street

Gemma and Chesney get upsetting news about their babies tonight (Picture: ITV)

The future parents head home and are already fretting about what this means for the smallest of their babies… but that’s not the end of their stressful day.

Tonight’s trip to Weatherfield will also see Gemma caught up in the drama unfolding between Kel and Paul.

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When Gemma goes to the Rovers with Bernie, Kel, Rita and Chesney, Paul makes snide remarks at Bernie throughout the evening. But when he hears about what happened with Gemma at the hospital, he feels guilty for letting Kel get under his skin.

Billy, Gemma and Chesney in Coronation Street

Billy has been doing some digging about Paul’s feud with Kel, but can he get through to his ex? (Picture: ITV)

But later when he is cornered by Kel in the gents, Paul is left shaken when he threatens him to let go of the past or else.

But with Billy finally starting to get through to Paul, Kel’s dark past is far from forgotten

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