HORROR for THIS Home and Away family as a life spirals out of control

The Astoni family are at breaking point...

Today’s Home and Away sees the Astoni family hit rock bottom as Ben’s depression spirals out of control.

Soap fans have seen Ben’s life crumble around him after being framed for international drug trafficking, leading to him losing everything he has ever worked for.

Home and Away, Ben Astoni

Ben was stunned when he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit (Picture: Channel 5)

But while his wife Maggie and the couple’s daughter Ziggy have been trying to stop Ben feeling like a failure, nothing they do can get him out of the dark hole he is slipping into.

For the last few weeks Ben has struggled to find any motivation to do anything around the house, and instead he has been spending his days on the sofa in his pyjamas.


But after constantly playing the supportive wife, today’s episode of Home and Away sees Maggie reach the end of her tether with her husband and she snaps at him for moping around, and it doesn’t go down well.

Home and Away, Maggie Astoni, Ben Astoni

Maggie is becoming increasingly worried about her husband (Picture: Channel 5)

When Maggie gets home and tries to put a smile on Ben’s face by suggesting they go for dinner, Ben is reluctant to leave the house and turns down her offer of fish and chips on the beach.

But when she tells him that he can’t stay inside the house all day, he responds that he’d better get used to being locked up with his long prison sentence looming, and his glass-half-empty attitude leaves her fuming.

Home and Away, Ben Astoni

Ben has found it hard to find any motivation now he has lost his business (Picture: Channel 5)

But after snapping and storming out of the house, Maggie calls Ziggy for a debrief, and the pair decide to head home and confront Ben together.

However, Ziggy’s annoyed with her dad for upsetting her mum and lays into him a bit too much, causing Ben to finally snap, shouting at the pair of them to leave him alone because he has nothing left to live for.

Home and Away, Ben Astoni

Ben lashes out at Maggie and Ziggy in today’s Home and Away (Picture: Channel 5)

As Ben storms out of the house, Maggie and Ziggy are left standing in stunned silence.

Just how are they going to get Ben the help he needs if he can’t even open up to his own family?

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