Horror in EastEnders as dangerous villain targets their next victim?

There could be trouble heading for EastEnders as sinister Stuart Highway sets his sights on a new victim...

There could be trouble heading for EastEnders next week when Rainie Branning finds herself on the wrong side of Walford’s resident bully, Stuart Highway.

The drama starts when Rainie is missing Max and starts to worry that she is going off the rails after she drunkenly spends an evening flirting with a stranger in the Vic.

Knowing the signs that things aren’t well, Rainie takes herself along to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, hoping to get some support from the rest of the group.

Rainie spots Stuart at an NA meeting

Rainie is shocked to see Stuart at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting

But once she is there, Rainie is shocked to see Stuart is also at the meeting, so she decides to stay out of his line of vision and hear what he has to say for himself.

She is left stunned as he reveals dark secrets about his past, and then goes on to talk to the group about Dot.

But the whole time that Stuart is opening up at the meeting, he has no idea that a familiar face from Walford is listening to the whole thing.

The following day Rainie sees Stuart in the Vic and can’t help but taunt his about his confessions at the meeting.

He’s furious that she knows things he would rather have kept hidden, and is thrown when she confesses she was also at the meeting the previous day.

EastEnders Stuart Halfway and Rainie Branning

Rainie taunts Stuart, but is she playing with fire?

As Stuart begs Rainie not to tell Dot about his past, but she is clearly loving having a hold on the bully. But is she playing with fire getting involved with someone as dangerous as Mr Highway?

Stuart is worried that Rainie is going to reveal everything and decides to keep a close eye on her… but with the dodgy things that Stuart has done in the past, has she just landed herself in more trouble than she realises?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Kieron McCarron