Hostage drama for THIS Coronation Street favourite next week

Coronation Street favourite Chesney Brown is caught up in yet more cobbles drama next week when they arrive home to find blood in the house...

Coronation Street’s Chesney Brown is set to be left horrified next week when he arrives home to find girlfriend Gemma Winter bound, gagged and covered in blood.

The Weatherfield kebab shop manager starts next week fed up with having to clean up after Gemma and her messy ways.

As the oblivious Rovers barmaid hangs out with her brother, Paul, at home, Chesney is left wondering if Gemma is really the woman for him when he is forced to clear up her mess around the house.

But next week sees a new twist in the pair’s romance when Chesney gets home to find a trail of blood leading from the living room and out into the garden.

Horrified about what he might find outside, Chesney follows the trail, only to find Gemma bound and gagged in the back yard.

Chesney arrives home to find a trail of blood through the living room

Chesney gets a shock in Coronation Street

Chesney immediately goes to call the police, terrified about who might have done this to Gemma…

But despite the fact as she is covered in blood, is everything as it seems?

As always with Gemma, there is more to the story – and she seems to survive her ordeal because the following day she is getting on Chesney’s wick once again.

When she cheats in a radio quiz with Brian to win a cash prize, Ches is incredulous that the pair could stoop so low.

But that’s not the end of Gemma’s game-playing. She is also in Chesney’s bad books after she doesn’t realise the washing machine is leaking and manages to flood the kitchen.

Promising to put things right, Gemma says she will get a new machine. But instead of going to a shop like most people, she heads to see her friend Hong Kong Stuey instead.

But disaster strikes when Chesney gets home to find smoke coming from under the front door.

Thinking his house is on fire, Chesney gets Tyrone to help him bash the door down, only to find Gemma inside having a rave with Paul and a smoke machine they got from Stuey.

Chesney is fuming and tells Tyrone that being with Gemma is like having another child… has the novelty already worn off for Chesney leaving his romance with Gemma on the rocks?

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