Brace yourselves for the crazy drama that will be season 4 of Netflix’s House of Cards.

The streaming service just dropped a juicy one-minute promo which shows Frank and Claire Underwood going head to head, police raids, a gunman and even a possible murder and suicide.


Netflix have also announced that veteran actresses Ellen Burstyn and Cicely Tyson will be joining the show for the new series and the trailer gives us a first glimpse of Ellen in character, as well as a look at Scream star Neve Campbell in her new role and new addition Joel Kinnaman, who could be a rival for Frank.

Ellen Burstyn attending the premiere of

Ellen Burstyn is among the new cast members (Charles Sykes/AP)


Returning players include congresswoman Jackie Sharp (Molly Parker) and Remy Danton (Mahershala Ali), who seem to be getting physical, along with Russian president Viktor Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen) and Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly).

The intense promo shows some serious martial discord between Kevin Spacey’s Frank and Robin Wright’s Claire.


It opens with Frank saying in a voiceover: “You have no idea what it means to have nothing. You don’t value what we have achieved. I have had to fight for everything my entire life” and ends with the President telling his wife: “We had a future until you started destroying it.”

All the new episodes of season 4 will be online on March 4.