How to watch Call the Midwife 2021 online anywhere in the world

Here's how to watch Call the Midwife 2021 online wherever you are in the world...

Call the Midwife 2021 is finally here, and it is all change at Nonnatus House as the Sisters try to bring in some much-needed funds. Here’s how to watch Call the Midwife 2021 online anywhere in the world.

While traditionally we have been used to watching a brand new series of Call the Midwife in January, this year has been slightly differently due to the delay in filming caused by the pandemic.

But, while our favourite drama has been pushed back by a few months, the wait is finally over and a new series of Call the Midwife is here.

The first episode will see Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) and Doctor Turner (Stephen McGann) clash for the very first time over a new money-making venture. Sister Julienne enlists Trixie to head over to a private clinic, where she will spend six weeks seeing how the other half live. But, while Trixie couldn’t be more excited, Dr Turner is horrified by the whole thing.

Elsewhere, Lucille and Sister Frances are saddened when a baby is born without legs, while Dr Turner fears Thalidomide and becomes adamant he is going to get to the bottom of what has caused this to happen.

Trixie in pink nurse outfit Call the Midwife

Trixie goes to a private clinic in a bid to bring in funds for Nonnatus House, but not everything goes to plan (Picture: BBC / Nealstreet Productions / Sophie Mutevelian)

The second episode, set in April 1966, sees Trixie getting a huge shock at the Lady Emily, while Sister Frances finds herself in a very difficult situation.

How to watch Call the Midwife 2021 for free online in the UK

You can watch Call the Midwife 2021 on BBC One each Sunday evening at 8pm.

The drama will air for seven episodes, each lasting one hour.

You will also be able to catch up with each episode after it has aired on BBC iPlayer. There are now episodes to watch on iPlayer of the new series!

Seasons one to nine are also available to watch for free on iPlayer if you want to catch up.

How to watch Call the Midwife 2021 online from abroad 

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Call the Midwife season 10 will air in the US on PBS in September 2021.

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