It was an all-out battle of the sexes on Thursday’s episode of The Jump, as the boys went head to head against the girls in an epic bobsleigh competition.

Contestants whizzed down a bobsleigh course in the fastest possible time (accompanied, of course, by a professional driver), with the loser heading up to face The Jump straight away.

A horror-struck Lady Victoria Hervey seriously flopped during her bobsleigh ride, and she looked pretty peeved about it. Seriously, does this Lady ever look pleased? You’re getting a free holiday, woman! Crack a smile!

Old misery guts Lady V flopped on the bobsleigh and took on The Jump, all the while looking like she was having a thoroughly awful time. With a shoddy distance of just 13.5 meters, Lady Victoria set the bar pretty low for her competitors. All other Jumpers had to out-jump Lady V in order to secure a safe seat in the competition.

Meanwhile, Davina was either on a mission to test the boundaries of pre-watershed television by referring to “The Mayor’s ball bag” in every. Single. Link.

Itsy bitsy Louise Thompson proved too dainty for the bobsleigh and very nearly fell out (which wasn’t the least bit funny and we didn’t laugh at this very dangerous occurrence at all). However, Louise aced her jump, which isn’t really surprising considering she’s probably been on an Easter trip to Verbier every year since leaving the womb.

Meanwhile, Lady V continued to look really annoyed.

The competition’s two Olympians Louise Hazel and Jon-Allan Butterworth went head to head on the bobsleigh, with Louise whizzing to victory on the sleigh course. Meanwhile, Jon-Allan nearly fell out (which wasn’t the least bit funny. No laughter here).

After this, Steve-O (who described himself as a ‘Professional moron’”) and Chloe Madeley (who probably falls into that category too) battled it out on the bobsleigh course, with Chloe whizzing to the finish line less than a second after the Jackass star.

Finally, ex JLS singer JB Gill and rugby legend Mike Tindall raced one another to bobsleigh victory. Tindall has become the ‘one to beat’, which basically means everyone says “I’d like to beat him. Specifically him” to his face. Which is awkward, but also quite entertaining. Anyway, JB narrowly beat Mike’s time, and sent Zara Phillips’ beau off to The Jump.

When Mike (obviously) beat Lady V’s poor excuse for a jump, we found out that she was getting the (ski) boot and won’t be returning to the competition.

Which is a huge shame, as she’s proved a popular character with the people of Twitter.