Huge drama for THIS EastEnders favourite as their dark past comes back to haunt them tonight

There is plenty of drama heading for EastEnders tonight as Ruby Allen finds her rape ordeal coming back to haunt her in the most sinister way...

Tonight’s EastEnders will revisit Ruby Allen’s rape ordeal storyline that began at the end of last year.

EastEnders fans will remember that in October last year Ruby was sexually abused by two Martin Fowler’s old school friends, Matt and Ross, and has spent the last few months desperately trying to move on with her life.

She has even attempted to put the horror behind her by dating Jay Brown, but with what happened to her never far from her mind, she has struggled to let Jay in and make the relationship work.

EastEnders Ruby Allen and Jay Mitchell

Things have been tough between Ruby and Jay, and they’re about to get even tougher this week

But tonight sees another dark twist in the storyline as Ruby’s event at Walford East gets underway.

The event planner is nervous before the big night, worrying about whether the evening will go as planned.

But Ruby is desperate to make the event a success for newcomers Habiba and Iqra, and she tries to get everyone talking about the restaurant by posting a picture on social media.

EastEnders Iqura Ahmed and Habiba Ahmed and Ruby Allen

Iqra is upset when Ruby posts a picture of her on social media, but why?

However, her plan goes drastically wrong when Iqra reacts badly to a picture of her going on social media, leaving Ruby thrown.

Thankfully Ruby manages to rescue the event and soon things are going well, and she even persuades  the Slaters to help with handing out the drinks.

But while she is busy networking, Ruby has no idea that the police are looking for her.

Jay tells Stacey that the police have been asking where Ruby is, but he managed to brush them off by telling them she was out.

But what could the police want with Ruby now? Is there a new development in her rape case, or is this something entirely separate?

Ruby and Lewis in EastEnders

Ruby’s night takes a sinister turn when Lewis makes a move on her

As Ruby chats to a potential new client it looks like things are finally going her way… but little does she know her world is about to collapse around her.

As the new client, Lewis, gets flirty with her, she panics, having flashbacks of what happened last year and orders him to leave.

Before long everyone at the party is staring at Ruby who is causing a scene… but that’s nothing to what is about to come next.

Before Ruby can salvage the party after the chaos with Lewis, the event comes to a dramatic close when another bombshell hits. But what could it be?

Tune in tonight at 8pm to find out!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC / Kieron McCarron and BBC / Jack Barnes